FIM Awards 2018

I morgon samlas hela 54st motorcykelvärldsmästare i Andorra La Vella för årets idrottsgala inom FIM där det blir officiell prisutdelning.

Det är en hel del tjejer som sticker ut med fina insatser och VM titlar, inte minst brittiske Emma Bristow.

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The global superstars and unsung heroes of motorcycling will be brought together on Sunday evening for a night of celebration and reflection, as the stunning mountain scenery of Andorra la Vella provides the backdrop to the spectacular 2018 FIM Awards.

Some 54 FIM World Champions from six disciplines will be officially honoured for their title-winning achievements in 2018, standing shoulder-to-shoulder on stage with the individuals and organisations that protect and promote motorcycling activity around the world, and nurture the sporting heroes of the future.

International icons

Marc Marquéz will no doubt be one of the most sought-after signatures by fans at the pre-event autograph session in Andorra. Spain’s record-breaking five-time FIM MotoGP World Champion will be joined on Sunday evening by some of the iconic names of international motorcycle competition, including AMA Supercross superstar Jason Anderson, British Speedway sensation Tai Woffinden and the Netherlands’ young MXGP phenomenon Jeffrey Herlings.

Carrasco: making history

It also promises to be an historic night for women in motorcycling, as the spotlight is again thrown on the ground-breaking achievements of Ana Carrasco, the first ever female to collect a gold medal as an FIM Circuit Racing solo World Champion. Meanwhile, Kiara Fontanesi and Emma Bristow further cement their legacies as they celebrate their sixth and fifth titles in Women’s Motocross and Trial respectively.

National pride

Alongside Woffinden, Bristow is one of eight World Champions hailing from Great Britain – the best represented nation at the 2018 FIM Awards. Ben and Tom Birchall (Sidecars), Steve Holcombe and Brad Freeman (Enduro), Jonathan Rea (World Superbikes) and Billy Green (Trial) will ensure that there will be a distinctly British accent to the proceedings in Andorra, despite the deceptive Aussie twang of Woffinden. Spain are also well represented with seven World Champions, whilst Italy boast four.

Youngsters’ fast-track to the future

At just sixteen years of age, Great Britain’s Billy Green is one of a bunch of new FIM World Champions leading the teenage rampage into Andorra, along with the likes of young Motocross stars Bailey Malkiewicz (17) and Caden Braswell (14), as well as Circuit Racing’s Raúl Fernández (18), Speedway sensation Ben Ernst (15) and Enduro protégé Ruy Barbosa (19), who all won titles in their respective Junior categories. Jorge Prado (17), meanwhile, established himself very much as a star of the present and the future, claiming the open-age title in the highly-competitive MX2 category.

FIM: Protecting the present and future of motorcycling

The future of motorcycling will not just be represented by the next generation of FIM World Champions in Andorra, but by the various individuals and organisations that are safeguarding two-wheeled activities on our circuits, green lanes and roads around the world. Five equally important FIM Awards will be bestowed for contributions ‘Beyond Sport’ – including the all-new ‘FIM Award for the Future’, aimed at rewarding those who work to improve and develop the presence of youngsters in all motorcycling related activities.

“The FIM are protecting the present and future of motorcycling by recognising and rewarding the efforts of those who nurture the sporting and holistic impact of sustainable two-wheeled activities all over the planet,” says outgoing FIM President Vito Ippolito. “For this reason, alongside established awards recognising initiatives in road safety, fair play, the environment and women in motorcycling, this year the FIM is launching the ‘FIM Award for the Future’.”

Prestigious prizegivers

The stellar list of names set to tread the red carpet at the FIM Awards in Andorra on Sunday night will also feature a prestigious line-up of prizegivers, who will hand over the honours to the World Champions and award recipients. FIM Legend and fifteen-time FIM Circuit Racing World Champion Giacomo Agostini (Italy) will be joined by Nita Korhonen (Finland), Director of the FIM Women in Motorcycling Commission, and legendary former alpine skier turned racing driver and keen motorcyclist Luc Alphand (France).

Share in the experience

As well as the representatives from over 100 national motorcycling federations, who have been gathered all weekend in Andorra to celebrate their communal values of courage, excellence and commitment, the many thousands of motorcycling fans worldwide are invited to immerse themselves in the experience of the FIM Awards. They can do so by joining the live video stream on the official website of the event, and engaging with each other and with the riders on social platforms using the #FIMAwards hashtag.

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